Basically an intuitive and easy to use EKG perfect for any healthcare environment.

 FT-1 is an ultra-portable device, weighing just 2.4 pounds including the battery.

Its unique design and the 8-inch high-resolution multi-touch screen can be operated with a simple swipe gesture.

Perform an EKG with the push of a green button

The simplicity of its 1-2-3 approach, the Cardiovit FT-1 offers a simple process to take an EKG in less than 3 min from patient preparation to results.

Highest acquisition quality

Schiller Cardiovit FT-1 has the highest acquisition signal quality, which is especially important for pediatric EKGs.

With 32,000 Hz sample rate it helps the physician to detect real Atrial Defibrillation.

The automatic interpretation provides a reliable analysis of the EKG for both children and adults.

Save time and avoid errors before acquisition

The CARDIOVIT FT-1 has a 3D model electrode dispositions that aid the user with proper lead placement by updating in real-time.

The hook advisory feature and the connection quality evaluation will be able to detect poor electrode connection by a simple “Traffic Light” color coding on the actual traces.

With a Lead Reversal indicator, avoid mistakes with a clear lead reversal warning message on the screen.

Multiple connectivity and export options

The CARDIOVIT FT-1 is standard built with WiFi and Ethernet connection. The connectivity is simple and adapts perfectly with your existing network, thus having different options to acquire, print, save and transmit the EKG data.

Its bidirectional communication capability permit the fastest automatic transmission to PDF exports or EMR systems, contributing to the improvement of workflow. XML export capability.

Seamless connectivity to PACS systems using DICOM and HL7 for Worklist and Patient Information Query.