We specialize in medical and laboratory supplies

 ITX Medical Supply was born out of the need to distribute medical and laboratory equipment and supplies in an organized and safe manner, ensuring that the products we deliver are in perfect quality and ready to use. Leading this company for more than 13 years and during all this time we have perfected our working technique. Understanding the importance of offering materials in perfect condition, and we work hard to improve our distribution and storage systems. Working hand in hand with large health centers that can vouch for our good work, and now more than ever it is necessary to continue on the right path.

Established in Miami, Florida, USA, so we are widely capable of offering our distribution services to companies all over the country. Our main intention is to keep supplying the locals that trust us, so we always fulfill our agenda effectively. The inputs we deliver are highly important and that the proper functioning of a health system depends on them. prepared to take emergency orders, as well as to maintain an annual delivery schedule.

We started working in 2007, and since then our service has grown considerably. Our main intention is to continue growing so that we can cover a greater number of satisfied customers, as we understand that only in this way can a positive reputation be grown. However, we keep our values and principles intact, and together as a big family we have kept intact the intention that brought us here, which is to be able to offer efficient and quality service.

Throughout our professional career, we have been able to establish great ties with our clients, but we want to continue growing and expanding so that we can streamline our processes without affecting our efficiency, so our development has been progressive. A company must maintain an adequate flow of movement to avoid a collapse, and we have achieved this in the best possible way.

Now that you know who the people behind ITX Medical Supply are, you can feel confident that you will receive your medical equipment and supplies on time, and with the assurance that everything you receive will be in perfect condition. Every person involved in the warehousing, distribution, and delivery process has the skills necessary to do a great job, so every order you place will arrive at its destination without error.

It will be a pleasure to be the distributor you need.

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